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Showa University of Music  Four-year term 

Faculty of Music

“The Showa University of Music offers four year undergraduate programs in classical, jazz, popular music, musical theater, ballet and more to choose from.”

Faculty of Music1 Faculty of Music2 Faculty of Music3

Department of Composition  Admission quota : 25   Degree offered : Bachelor of Music

“To nurture truly an original composer in an inspiring cross genre atmosphere.”

Composition Course

  • Composition Course
  • Through learning the theory of composition, analysis and orchestration, we will equip you with the knowledge and technique as well as providing you with the opportunities to have your work performed.

  • Conducting Course
  • The core of the conducting course consists of private lessons in conducting technique and score reading. You are given many opportunities to conduct various types of ensembles, orchestras and operas.

  • Digital Music Course
  • To play an active role in the music industry one needs a wide range of musical knowledge and insight. Through learning compositional techniques from traditional western classical to a popular music, you are encouraged to free your creative ideas through digital music production.

  • Sound Produce Course
  • We nurture music producers in popular music who can foresee trends and needs in the industry and produce music from all angles. Our curriculum is based on three main elements composition, performance and producing.

Department of Instrumental Music(Keyboard / String, Wind and Brass, Percussion)
Admission quota : 100   Degree offered : Bachelor of Music

"Through small class teachings and wide ranges of performance opportunities, we offer a curriculum to make you realise your full potential and equip you with the skills needed in your future career."

Piano Performer Course

  • Piano Performer Course*
  • This is a specialist course for those aiming to become a professional performer. Through weekly 90 minutes private lessons and wide ranges of performing opportunities, our course will guide you to become a versatile soloist, chamber musician, accompanist and répétiteur. In your third year, you will receive overseas training and a concerto performance will be part of your study in the fourth year.

  • Piano Instructor Course*
  • This course is specially built for training piano instructors. The course will introduce you to a vast knowledge of teaching method and theory. Through leaning various subjects including child psychology, eurhythmic, music psychology, study on educational materials and chorus practice methods, you are given opportunities to teach children to adults in a teaching exercise.

  • Piano Course*
  • This course aims to give you a broad knowledge of piano performance through curriculum covering from music aesthetics, music culture, popular piano, vocal music and other instrumental music.

  • Organ Course
  • Through a four year course, you will gain wide range of knowledge to be a professional organist through performing various repertoires from Baroque to contemporary.

  • Electronic Organ Course
  • The practical curriculum covers from solo, chamber music to orchestra performance. There are plenty of opportunities for you to work with our international visiting professors and leading professional musicians.
    *Student may be transferred between courses depends on the performance exam results.
"We offer practical performance experience in a solo performance to an orchestra"

String, Wind and Brass

  • String, Wind and Brass, Percussion Performer II Course  * FY2015 new establishment
  • Performance-based classes including chamber music seminar are offered to first-year students with the emphasis on acquiring high-level techniques. Students are introduced to the opportunities of performing on- and off-campus while being encouraged to become internationally-recognized performers.

  • String, Wind and Brass, Percussion Performer I Course  * FY2015 new establishment
  • The curriculum consists of many applied lessons to experience different styles of performance including solo, chamber and wind ensembles, and a full-size orchestra. Furthermore, we offer a few special programs in which students will have the chance to plan their own recitals.

  • String, Wind and Brass, Percussion Course
  • This course provides you with the practical curriculum covering from solo, chamber music to wind orchestra and symphony orchestra performances. Also at the same time we offer you the choices to gain knowledge and skills in subjects such as music industry and music therapy to give you a wider range of choices in your future.

  • String, Wind and Brass, Percussion Instructor Course
  • While pursuing your principal study, you will also gain knowledge and technique on conducting, teaching skills, composition, arrangement and wind orchestra coaching to become a versatile instructor.

Department of Vocal Music   Admission quota : 50   Degree offered : Bachelor of Music

"With our strong teaching faculties, we offer the highest standard of curriculum to nurture young talents."

Vocal Music Course

  • Vocal Music Course
  • Our Vocal Music course with rich tradition and history has produced many talents in operas, musical theaters and in music education world in Japan. We place upmost importance on practicing Italian "bel canto" from an early age. It is the basis of our vocal training which is also associated with singing in other languages like German and French.

    Our faculties include those singers actively performing on opera stages. Through our college opera production with over 50 years of history and our seminar held in Italy, you will also have opportunity to work with great singers and directors. Our Vocal Music course emphasises on the importance of the practical experience on the stage. Also our long association with the Japan Opera Foundation which includes the Fujiwara Opera Company and Japan Opera Association make us ever close to a professional stage.

  • Jazz Course
  • Popular Music Course

Department of Music and Arts Management   Admission quota : 100   Degree offered : Bachelor of Arts

Arts Management Course

  • Arts Management Course
  • "To nurture producers who will guide artists and concerts to success"

    An opera, ballet, musical and even a small concert, any artistic activities cannot be run just by musicians. They need producers who can create the bond between the audience and the musicians, sharing dreams and touch their hearts. Our Arts Management Course was the first of its kind in Japan. With the experience and the knowledge we nurture producers who will be active in the performing arts world.

    There is a need for connecting music and the society. Producers can be those who negotiate with the artists, plan, produce and manage, work in a cultural and performing organisation, business enterprises, in an entertainment industry and in mass media. Our curriculum is set to establish your own sense and aesthetics as the foundation to become a great producer. The most important factor for producer as a profession is to have the love for arts. Through seminars and specialised practical trainings we strengthen your versatility.
Stage Staff Course

  • Stage Staff Course
  • "Learning the theory of stage management, lighting, sound and stage arts through practical exercises, we equip you with the knowledge and skills to utilise the whole theater space as your creativity canvas."

    With the team of faculty specialised and active in each field, we offer practical curriculum in stage management, lighting, sound and stage arts. There is a great need for stage staff who is able to read the music and have the understanding of the music. This is because the musical elements are the basis of the most of performing arts including opera, musical theater, ballet, theater and concert. The significance of learning stage management in a music conservatoire is clear. We offer a practical experience on site at "TEATRO GIGLIO SHOWA" with computer controlled state of the art equipment and other studios in the campus. We have the best environment for those who want to work on the stage.
Music Therapy Course

  • Music Therapy Course
  • "Practical program set for all three fields in music therapy including medical science, social welfare, and education"

    Our highly experienced faculty of music therapy offer substantial learning opportunities. The curriculum consists of lectures and practicum in music therapy and related fields, such as medical science, social welfare, and education. Especially, we strongly emphasise clinical training in "Andante," our on-campus music therapy clinic, as well as off-campus practicum sites including hospitals, nursing homes, special education classes, development centers, etc. A variety of music lessons in piano, voice, strings, wind, brass, and percussion also are offered throughout 4 years of our undergraduate program. Our music therapy curriculum is accredited through Japanese Music Therapy Association. At the completion of our academic training, you are eligible for admission to the certification exam and interview administered by the Japanese Music Therapy Association to acquire the certification of music therapist.
Musical Theater Course

  • Musical Theater Course
  • "We train you to be versatile musical actors with our vocal training as the foundation of the course. "

    Our course is to train you to be the world class musical actors. We offer opportunities to experience the real stage performances during a four year course. We want you to be versatile to meet the needs of current industry where more than ever ranges of musical styles are in demand. Our curriculum recognises the importance of the basic vocal training from breath control to vocalisation. At the same time, you will be trained on various styles of dances including classical ballet, modern ballet, jazz dance and tap dance to meet the industry’s demand. With the major production held in our TEATRO GIGLIO SHOWA and an overseas training in New York City, you will feel it is an exciting and inspiring course.
Ballet Course

  • Ballet Course
  • "To nurture ballet teachers by making you realise your full potential and equip you with wide ranges of skills and knowledge for all kinds of possibilities."

    This course is to train ballet teachers. You will learn various aspects required to be a teacher, from anatomy, physiology to psychology. You will be given a chance to utilise you knowledge and skills learnt in internship at actual teaching classes and in the overseas training. The ballet practical classes are available every day from Monday to Friday through the term. On top of your classical ballet training, you will learn various styles of dances, including contemporary and jazz dance. Through gaining your technical skills and inspiring your creativity, we equip you with the overall stage performance skills and experience to be a professional ballet trainer. As part of the Department of Music and Arts Management, we can provide you with new subjects into the course including stage production and arts management where you can challenge your capability beyond the frame of ballet.

Department of Instrumental Music and Vocal Music (Jazz and Popular music Course)

“By absorbing essence and theory from wide range of music genres, we nurture truly original musicians who can lead the next generation of music industry.”

Jazz Course

  • Jazz Course
  • You will learn from the basics to advanced specialised skills, with many opportunities performing in a small ensemble to a big band centered on standard jazz style. You will be equipped with skills to be versatile musicians.

  • Popular Music Course
  • You will learn from the basics to advanced skills needed to be a specialist in your principle instrument. Learning the theory of sound creation and chord progression and through performing in ensembles in various genres, you will gain experience in wide range of music production.
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Showa Graduate School of Music

Music Department

Music Department1 Music Department2 Music Department3

Doctoral Degree Programs   Three-year term   Admission quota : 4

In 2014, Showa Graduate School of Music has become the first institution of higher education in Kanagawa prefecture to offer doctoral degrees in the field of music. Our mission is to nurture individuals to become professionals who can create, support and initiate the future of the arts and culture with highly advanced skills and extensive knowledge.

Musical Arts Major
Field of Musical Arts  Degree offered : Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)

    In the area of the vocal music, instrumental performance and composition, there are two inseparable components which you must improve in quality: musical performance and academic study. Our DMA program is designed to provide opportunities to study musicological methodologies and to gain a broad knowledge while acquiring the advanced performance technique for your area of specialization. Eventually, each student must write a dissertation in addition to either completing the performance of a recital or submitting compositions.

Musical Arts Major
Field of Arts Management and Music Therapy
Degrees offered : Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Arts Management   Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Music Therapy

    Taking music as the center of arts and culture, you will learn to apply various methodologies to your academic studies based on advanced knowledge and perception. Through group-settings such as discussions and presentations, students are expected to develop skills such as critically thinking, influential speech and field innovation to meet the demands of our rapidly changing society.  Eventually, each student must complete a dissertation.

Master’s Degree Programs   Two-year term

We aim to nurture individuals who will lead the music industry by extensive and advanced research.We have Musical Arts Major and Music and Arts Management Major to meet the needs of the students and the current industry

Musiccal Arts Major   Admission quota : 18   Degree offered : Master of Music

  • Vocal Music (Opera)
  • In the Vocal Music (Opera) course, students will undertake two years of comprehensive research in both theory and the practice. You can make a full use of a rich opera tradition and experience which we can offer. Your research is presented at the end of the course in the final performance stage.

  • Piano, Strings, Winds, Percussion and Electronic Organ
  • For the Piano, Strings, Brass, Winds, Percussion and Electronic Organ as the principle instrument, you are offered an environment to pursue advanced musical studies in performance to become a professional soloist and a chamber musician. For the pianists, accompaniment training in vocal, opera and ballet are included in the program.

  • Composition and Conducting
  • For Composition as the principle study, you will undertake research on various compositional styles and genres closely associated with current music scene. For Conducting, the research will cover both operas and orchestral works.

Music and Arts Management Major   Admission quota : 6   Degree offered : Master of Arts

  • Arts Management
  • In the Arts Management Course, we aim to train professionals who will take an active role in supporting arts and cultural activities. You are provided with specialised practical training both within and out of college to conduct their research. Our program can also offer a research on cultural policy in performing arts, as well as getting hands on experience through creating a stage set for opera production.

  • Music Therapy
  • In the Music Therapy Course, our educational goal is to train music therapy clinicians and researchers in medical science, social welfare, and education. As a pioneer of music therapy education in Japan, our graduate program offer a variety of learning opportunities based on our expertise in offering knowledge in speciality, clinical techniques , as well as research skills.
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Showa College of Music  Two-year term 

Department of Music  Admission quota : 100  Degree offered : Associate's Degree

“The Showa College of Music offers two year programs. The programs can be extended to three or four years to suit your needs.
For those wishing to manage both learning and your own career or daily life can benefit from this extension scheme.
After completing the programs and wish to continue leaning, you may be admitted to 2nd or 3rd year of the degree programs offered by the Showa University of Music.”

Department of Music1 Department of Music2 Department of Music3

Piano Course

  • Piano Course
  • “Along with 60 minute private lessons, we offer teaching environment to suit individual characters and needs with many stage performance opportunities available. ”

    We offer a course to make you realise your potential and help you to develop your originality through private lessons and small class teachings.

    This course has over 40 years of tradition. It consists of 60 minutes of weekly private lessons and there are 8 performance opportunities through a two year course, including performance exams and piano duo concerts. You are trained not just as a solo pianist, but also given training in piano accompaniment, vocal study (as a second study) and solfege. You can also participate in an overseas seminar (optional) to broaden your musicianship further.

    Through small classes, the lessons are designed to suit individual needs and character. Our faculty will support you through the course and give you the environment to look beyond the course to your future career.
Electronic Organ Course

  • Electronic Organ Course
  • “We enhance your musical ability in full covering from classical to popular music styles. ”

    Electronic Organ is a new instrument with wide ranges of sound and tone colours. We see the potential of this instrument not exclusive in a solo performance but also in an ensemble performance. This course offers a flexibility covering from classical to popular music with a team of strong active performing faculties to guide you through. Our weekly 60 minute private lessons are designed to meet your needs to aim for your future career. 80 minute ensemble classes explore various aspect of music from score reading, collaboration with the conductor and performance with other acoustic instruments. We also explore popular music to make you a versatile musician.
Strings, Winds, Brass and Percussion Course

  • Strings, Winds, Brass and Percussion Course
  • "We guide you to reach your full potential as a performer with high standard of teaching and performance opportunities. "

    You will receive 60 minute weekly lessons from our highly professional faculties who are active musicians in classical music scene. The course includes two ensemble classes per week, solfege class and many other classes to raise your overall musicianship. You will also receive lessons from our international faculties as well as an opportunity to take part in an overseas seminar (optional). You also take part in the college opera production and in the College Symphony Orchestra concerts in association with the Showa University of Music. In our high profile student-run Saxophone Orchestra, and in other student-run activities, you will have various performance opportunities from the first year. We designed the course to give you the right environment and our faculties will guide you through to become a professional musician.
Wind Ensemble Course

  • Wind Ensemble Course
  • "To relearn the basics again to reach the highest standard in performance."

    Our Wind Ensemble course is designed for those who have already achieved a high standard of performance technique to realise again the importance of the basic theories and relearn them for further development as a musician.

    This is a course for those who have enjoyed playing in the brass band in middle and high school years to further develop their skills as a musician. At an entrance level, students can be admitted without keyboard skills, solfage and other formal music training. The curriculum is set to gain basic knowledge of music theory and music culture while developing your principal study and ensemble skills to a higher level.
Vocal Music Course

  • Vocal Music Course
  • "High profile artists in opera scene are among our faculties. They will guide you through to reach your full potential and to become a professional. "

    Singers train their voices as their own instruments. The importance lies on laying the solid foundation of 'bel canto'. With a rich tradition and achievement of our vocal music education, our faculties will guide your way to reaching your full potential. 1st year students receive 30 minute lessons twice a week. and 2nd year a 60 minute lesson a week. All the vocal students are to participate in choir class throughout the two year course. To equip you with the ability to express emotion and acting skills needed in opera, we offer physical expression classes.
Music Culture Course

  • Music Culture Course
  • "The new course which enables you to choose three practical studies simultaneously."

    This new course from spring 2013 enables you to choose three practical studies simultaneously including ballet while acquiring a wide range of knowledge and practical skills in our unique learning environment. The course will give you the chance to search for your possibilities.
Chorus Instructor Course

  • Chorus Instructor Course
  • "To nurture high level of chorus instructors, we guide you to reach into the essence of chorus training through various approaches. "

    Despite the fact there is a rich culture of chorus for all ages in Japan there are limited numbers of institution where proper professional training is available for chorus instructors. We set up this course to answer the needs to train those instructors to a professional level to further contribute to the development of music and arts.
Digital Music Course

  • Digital Music Course
  • "This is the course to free your creative potential and equip you with the skills for practical application in computer and digital devices with the foundation of music theory."

    The digital technology has become increasingly important in the music scene. In this course you will learn not only the foundation of classical and popular music composition, but digital technique needed in music production. Some of the subjects which you cover to build your skills include music theory, chord progression in popular music theory, computer orientated music production and P.A. system. Through leaning wide ranges of subjects we nurture a versatile professional in music creation and production.
Popular Music Course

  • Popular Music Course
  • "The passion for music and the ability to self-express are the paramount."

    While building your principal study skills in voice, electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, saxophone or keyboard, you will learn the foundation of music theory and pursue your own musical style. In the ensemble classes, you will be introduced and learn various styles and aspects of music e.g. improvisation, backing and chorus to ensure that you are equipped with the necessary skills to be a professional musician. Also the song writing skills, arrangement skills, and different musical styles including world music are part of your learning which makes this course a comprehensive and very exciting environment.
Popular Music Course

  • Jazz Course
  • "Our goal is to prepare students to become artists and musicians who pursue distinctive styles of musical expression."

    You will acquire high-level techniques and advanced knowledge through studying jazz standards in various performance settings such as small ensembles, combos and a big band. While providing practical performance opportunities and supports in learning the basics of jazz, our goal is to prepare students to become artists and musicians who pursue distinctive styles of musical expression.
Ballet Course

  • Ballet Course
  • "To train dancers who are not only expertise in a classical ballet but also be able to cope with wide range of genres and style of dance. "

    This course is to produce professional ballet dancers. By providing dancers with many practical lessons, we concentrate on skill development which is necessary as a professional. You will learn various genres and styles of dances including contemporary dance which will inspire you and enhance your artistic potential. Not only to polish the sense of artistic style, but we give you the opportunity to broaden your horizons to become an accomplished person in the society.
Music and Society Course

  • Music and Society Course
  • “This is a new course for those interested in musical arts and wishes to expand their knowledge and further gain performance skills.”

    When western classical music became widely available in our society, many of us enjoyed listening to the great artists on radio, in concerts and on their recordings.

    The Music and Society course is for those who love music and wish to deepen their knowledge, to develop performance skills, to enrich your creativity and to be with those who share the same interests.

    This course is not exclusive to those with professional experience in music, but also for those who wish to start leaning music, or to learn about music again.
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