Showa University of Music <Four-year term>

Department of Musical Arts

Composition and Sound Design

2017composition and sound design

Choose  from  classical  music  composition  or  electronica.Classical  music  composition  will  cover  solos,  chamber  music, orchestral music, and so on. Electronica will cover the creation of music utilizing computer and audio equipment technology.

Sound Produce


Composition,  arrangement,  sound  editing,  and  music production  utilizing  computers  will  be  learned  in  group lessons. The  skills  necessary  to  become  an  engineer  will  be acquired and mastered, and the results presented in a showcase concert.



Take  practical  lessons  taught  by  leading  conducting instructors.  Students  will  learn  practical  skills  by  acting  as assistant  conductors  at  a  variety  of  performances,  including operas, orchestras, and wind ensembles. Experience the music-making  of  maestros,  famous  conductors  invited  from  both within Japan and from overseas.

Piano Performance


Overseas training is required, and students will experience a number  of  different  ensemble  formats,  from  solos  and chamber  music  to  concertos  and  so  on. This  course  of  study will  expand  students’  abilities  to  be  active  professionally  in  a number of fields, including as solo pianists, chamber musicians, and corépétiteurs.

Piano Teacher

2017piano teacher

Through  practicing  with  a  variety  of  ages,  including internships  teaching  students  of  music  classes  affiliated  with this institution, mock beginner to advanced adult lessons, and so on, students will develop practical teaching abilities.

Piano Music Creator

2017piano music creator

Students will gain an understanding of the characteristics of piano  music. With  a  view  of  new  music  transmission  fusing production  utilizing  media  and  musical  expression,  students also  have  the  possibility  to  learn  popular  jazz  piano  to  be added to practical voice or instrumental skills.



Students  will  gain  an  understanding  of  music  theory,  and acquire  performance  abilities  supported  by  knowledge  of solfège. This  course  will  provide  a  number  of  spaces  for practice,  including  mini  concerts,  lecture  concerts,  pipe  organ performances outside of the institution, and so on.

Electronic Organ

2017electronic organ

In  solo  work,  students  will  practice  original  musical expression,  including  writing  one’s  own  work,  arrangement, and  improvisation.  In  ensemble  work,  students  will  perform together  with  acoustic  instruments  and  pursue  the possibilities of new musical expressions. In addition to solos, students  will  learn  accompaniment  for  opera,  ballet,  popular music, and jazz.

Strings,Winds and Percussions Performance

2017strings winds and percussions2

Students  will  acquire  the  abilities  necessary  to  be  active  as  performers  in  a  variety  of  fields,  including  in  solos,  chamber  music, and concerts. Students are able to learn practical skills,  such  as  from  concerto  soloists  and  recital  planning  to  the  stage  performances.  Students  can  take  up  to  90  minutes  of  individual practical lessons per week.

Strings,Winds and Percussions

2017strings winds and percussions

In  addition  to  improving  abilities  in  individual  major  course  of  study  instruments  through  lessons  and  gaining  abilities  in  concerts,  chamber  music,  and  other  ensembles,  this  course  of  study  will  allow  students  to  develop  future  career  goals  while  acquiring music theory, knowledge of solfège, music education, liberal  arts,  and  so  on. This  is  a  course  of  study  for  a  wide range of careers, including performers, teachers, and so on.

Wind Symphony

2017wind symphony

This  is  for  the  individuals  aiming  to  become  professional  performers  in  wind  symphonies,  instructors  of  wind  music, teachers, and so on. This is a course of study to train specialists to be active in the wind symphony music through the practical  study  of  conducting  and  teaching  methods  in  addition  to  lessons in major course of study instruments.

Vocal Music

2017vocal music

Upon  systematically  and  correctly  acquiring  the  basics  of  vocalization  focused  on  the  bel  canto  style,  an  abundant  number  of  performance  opportunities  will  be  provided,  both  in  and  outside  of  the  institution. While  learning  directly  from  leading  international  artists,  students  will  hone  their  skills  as  vocalists  that  can  perform  at  an  international  level  with  rich  international studies from numerous hands-on performances.



Students will learn from the basics to highly specialized skills  via  practical  lessons,  and  will  also  be  able  to  experience  a  variety  of  ensembles,  including  combos,  big  bands,  and  so  on. Through the practical repetition of music production processes such  as  composition  and  arrangement,  ensembles,  recording, and concerts, students will gain rich abilities in performing and expression.

Popular Music

2017popular music

Students  will  acquire  the  skills  necessary  to  become  professionals,  from  the  basics  to  advanced  applied  skills. Students will learn sound design and chord progress theories, and  further  comprehensively  improve  expressive  abilities  through  composition  and  arrangement,  recording,  concerts, and other ensemble experiences and music production.

Department of Music and Arts Management

Arts Management

2017arts management

Students will earn a comprehensive education on the basics of music and performing arts and management with a curriculum accredited by the US-based Association of Arts Administration Educators (AAAE). This course of study features practical classes, as internships at professional organizations and performances produced by the students themselves. The first studying course ever in Japan specialized in arts management, and has a history of more than 20 years. Many of its graduates are now active in the industry.

Stage Staff

2017stage staff

Students will gain rich experience through performances of various genres in theaters and studios, both in and outside of this institution, including at the “Teatro Giglio Showa,” which features the latest equipment. Students will be able to improve their abilities as creators while also working on independent projects.

Music Therapy

2017music therapy

Students will be able to practice in all areas of health care, welfare, and education in sessions at this institution’s “Andante music therapy room“ for children with disabilities, outside medical facilities, welfare facilities, educational facilities, and so on. In order to acquire the performance skills necessary for music therapists, students are able to complete practical lessons in piano, voice, strings, wind, and percussion.



Students will study the basics of the singing, dancing, and acting necessary to perform in professional performances, and will further learn a wide range of specialized skills. Students will study a number of prepared performances, and will acquire the skills to perform at the professional level after graduation.



Students will master individual ballet techniques while also further studying a specialized curriculum necessary for ballet teachers. This course will train students to be able to teach proper ballet techniques while improving their own performance abilities.

Music Liberal Arts

2017music liberal arts

Students will gain a wide-ranging knowledge concerning composers, music pieces, music genres, and so on, and study a wide range of topics connecting with music. Students can decide on their own method of completing the course, including piano, voice, instrumental music, composition, jazz and popular music, and ballet, depending on students’ diverse learning backgrounds.

 Showa College of Music<Two-year term>

Department of Music


2017piano_two year term

This course of study is characterized by a 40-year tradition of carefully teaching a limited number of students according to their unique characters. Not only does it include individual lessons, but it also has the attractive opportunity of gaining stage experience in eight recitals over the two-year period.

Electronic Organ

2017electronic organ_two year term

This course of study offers an attractive curriculum that allows students to comprehensively improve their “music ability” without sticking to particular musical genres or performance styles.

Strings,Winds and Percussions

2017strings_two year term

In addition to learning major course of study instruments through individual lessons, ensembles, etc., students will acquire a wideranging knowledge of music theory, solfège, and so on in order to set future career goals. In addition, those students with already advanced abilities aiming to become performers can take the twoyear period to focus on a major course of study instrument.

Wind Symphony

2017wind symphony_two year term

This is for the individuals aiming to become professional performers in wind symphonies, instructors of wind music, teachers, and so on. In addition to lessons in major course of study instruments, students will learn ensembles and teaching methods, and acquire knowledge that will prove helpful in wind symphony performances and teaching.

Vocal Music

2017vocal music_two year term

Students will acquire the necessary skills as vocalists in a two-year period through lessons by teachers of this institution that boast experience in vocal education. These skills can be used in future music work.

Music Liberal Arts

2017music liberal arts_two year term

Students are able to learn about a wide range of music arts genres, from instrumental music to voice, ballet, and popular music. This course of study offers the attractive ability to study a total of three instruments (one major course of study instrument & two minor course of study instruments).

Chorus Teacher

2017chorus teacher_two year term

This course of study is also geared for those who wish to enjoy chorus while focusing on chorus teacher training. By combining specialist knowledge and skills, students will develop the ability to produce rich ensembles.

Digital Music

2017digital music_two year term

Students will learn basic composition techniques for classica and popular music, and will also acquire the digital skills necessary for music production.


2017jazz_two year term

By taking lessons from leading teachers, students will be able to acquire high-level skills and knowledge. Students will gain experience in a number of different opportunities, including combos, big bands, and other ensembles. Students will develop free musical expression, taking advantage of their own unique characters.

Popular Music

2017popular music_two year term

By coming in contact with a variety of styles of music,students will pursue musical expression that takes advantage of their own unique characters. Students will not only learn specialized skills, but also gain comprehensive knowledge,including on music theory and songwriting.


2017ballet_two year term

By creating a daily system of several practical subjects, this course of study ensures lesson time to acquire skills. Students will improve their sensibilities through practice, including demonstrations and graduation performances, and will develop rich expressive abilities and an artistic sense. Learned together to aid in acquiring practical abilities are anatomy and ballet music exercises.

Music and Society

2017music and society_two year term

This is a course of study for senior citizens who loves music, and is open to those with rich music experience, those who want to learn more, those who want to re-learn, and so on. Specialized subjects are prepared to deepen students’ knowledge, refine performing skills, and heighten creativity so that students can enjoy music even more.

Showa Graduate School of Music
Master’s Degree Programs <Two-year term>

0217master's degree programs

Musical Arts Major

Vocal Music Performance

In Vocal Music Performance, students will acquire advanced vocal techniques through vocal ensembles and songs in five languages (from Italy, Germany, France, Spain, and Japan). Students will aim to expand future possibilities and to move forward onto the international stage as vocalists.


In the Opera Course, students will undertake two years of comprehensive research in both theory and the practice. You can make a full use of a rich opera tradition and experience which we can offer. Your research is presented at the end of the course in the final performance stage.

Piano / Strings, Winds, Percussions / Electronic Organ

For the Piano, Strings, Winds, Percussions and Electronic Organ as the principle instrument, you are offered an environment to pursue advanced musical studies in performance to become a professional soloist and a chamber musician. For the pianists, accompaniment training in vocal, opera and ballet are included in the program.

ConductingComposition / Conducting

For Composition as the principle study, you will undertake research on various compositional styles and genres closely associated with current music scene. For Conducting, the research will cover both operas and orchestral works.

Music and Arts Management Major

Arts Management

In the Arts Management Course, we aim to train professionals who will take an active role in supporting arts and cultural activities. You are provided with specialized practical training both within and out of Graduate School to conduct their research. Our program can also offer a research on cultural policy in performing arts, as well as full-experience of making and producing Opera production.

Music Therapy

In Music Therapy, a new curriculum has been established (Nov. 2015) that allows students to obtain examination qualification for the Japanese Music Therapy Association Certified Music Therapist examination (assistant) for the first time at a Japanese graduate school. This is aimed at training practitioners and researchers in the fields of health care, welfare, and education. This is pioneering music therapy education. Taking advantage of the diverse experiences gathered at this university, complete with music therapy training facilities, students will acquire highly specialized knowledge, music therapy technical skills, and research abilities based on practice.

Showa Graduate School of Music
Doctoral Degree Programs<Three-year term>

2017musical arts major

Musical Arts Major

Field of Musical Arts

In the area of the vocal music, instrumental performance and composition, there are two inseparable components which you must improve in quality: musical performance and academic study. Our D.M.A. program is designed to provide opportunities to study musicological methodologies and to gain a broad knowledge while acquiring the advanced performance technique for your area of specialization. Eventually, each student must write a dissertation in addition to either completing the performance of a recital or submitting compositions.

Field of Arts Management and Music Therapy

Students will carry out advanced academic research in the fields of performing arts, policy research, performing arts management, and music therapy. Students will not only deepen their knowledge and insights on art and culture of music, but will learn methodologies to carry out interdisciplinary research from wide perspective. In addition, through discussions and research presentations, students will develop skills, such as debating an issue and pioneering new fields with accurate understanding of society’s needs. Students are required to complete a doctoral dissertation.