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Opera Research Center

The Opera Research Center at the Showa University of Music was established in 1991 with the goal of exploring measures for the promotion of opera and musical arts in Japan. Since then, we have conducted research and study activities as the country’s most preeminent research institution on opera performance.
Particularly in recent years, we have created a materials archive of performance data, lists of works, and so on from materials related to opera productions, and have been engaged in constructing the Opera Information Center. Working in collaboration with opera performers, the management/production/technical staff supporting the performers, and music researchers, we continue to further our research. Also, the Opera Research Center has concluded a memorandum of understanding with the New National Theatre, Tokyo concerning the mutual loaning of research results and data.

Some of visiting lecturers  for conferences and extension lectures

*as of Aplil 2016 / alphabetical order

Teresa Berganza

Teresa Berganza
Mezzo Soprano

Robert Carsen

Robert Carsen
Stage Director

Gus Christie

Gus Christie
Executive Chairman
of Glyndebourne Festival

Mariella Devia

Mariella Devia

Peter Gelb

Peter Gelb
General Manager of
the Metropolitan Opera

Eva Kleinitz

Eva Kleinitz
Opera Director of the Stuttgart Opera
President of Opera Europe
Next Intendant of Opéra National
du Rhin in Strasbourg

Peter Konwitschny

Peter Konwitschny
Stage Director

Eva Mei

Eva Mei

Kazushi Ono

Kazushi Ono
Principal Conductor
of the Opéra de Lyon
Next Artistic Director of
Opera of New National
Theatre, Tokyo

Alexander Pereira

Alexander Pereira
CEO and Artistic Director
of Teatro alla Scala

David Pickard

David Pickard
Director of
the BBC Proms

Gianni Tangucci

Gianni Tangucci
Artistic Consultant of
the Special Commissioner
of Theatro del Maggio
Musicale Fiorentino

Eva Wagner-Pasquier

Eva Wagner-Pasquier
Consultant of Bayreuth

Alberto Zedda

Alberto Zedda
Artistic Director
of Rossini Opera Festival
Director of
Accademia Rossiniana

Ballet Research Center

The Ballet Research Center is the only university-affiliated ballet research institute in Japan. It conducts research and studies on the latest trends in international ballet and the state of Japanese ballet culture. Currently, the Ballet Research Center is building a ballet archive to collect and manage materials and books concerning ballet as well as both domestic and international ballet environment survey materials and information. The Ballet Research Center aims to create a premier ballet research site within Japan. And a database of recorded ballet performances in Japan from the 1940s to the present will also be made public. (Only available in Japanese)

Extension lecture & workshop “The world ballet school series” The Royal Ballet School

Extension lecture & workshop
“The world ballet school series”
The Royal Ballet School

Extension lecture “Becoming the Principal” Lecturer : Miyako Yoshida

Extension lecture
“Becoming the Principal”
Lecturer : Miyako Yoshida

Other research and education institutions

Research Center for the Performing Arts Policies

Launched in January 2013, Research Center for the Performing Arts Policies at Showa University of Music aims to promote research and dissemination of policies for the performing arts and arts management. Keeping close contacts with relevant communities and agencies, we are committed to contribute to the development of performing arts in Japan by collecting and analyzing valuable information from professional standpoint. We continue to expand our research activities focusing on policy proposals and projects commissioned by nation, local governments and public interest corporations.

Research Center for the Performing Arts Policies
  • Art Song Institute
  • Arts Management Research Institute
  • Music Therapy Institute
  • Music Education Research Institute
  • Period Music Institute
  • Affiliated Music and Ballet Schools

Piano Art Academy

Piano Art Academy

Piano Art Academy was established with the aim to nurture musicians. We provide comprehensive education for young pianists in developing technique and art istry whi lecultivating their individual personality with its unique curriculum and enriching performance opportunities.
Students have been winners of international piano competitions and pursue professional career in music.

Competition Awards

  • PTNA Piano Competition National Competition
    Grand Prize, Superior GradeMisora Ozaki (40th edition in 2016)
    Silver Prize, Superior GradeYukine Kuroki (43rd edition in 2019), Yuno Mitsui (47th edition in 2023)
    Bronze Prize, Superior GradeYasuko Furumi (42nd edition in 2018)
    Gold Prize, Pre-Superior GradeKana Yoshihara (44th edition in 2020)
    Silver Prize, Pre-Superior GradeMoka Takubo (45th edition in 2021)
    Gold Prize, Grade GSako Kotakejima (38th edition in 2014), Yasuko Furumi (40th edition in 2016), Yukine Kuroki (41st edition in 2017)
    Silver Prize, Grade GYui Nakamura (37th edition in 2013), Kana Yoshihara (40th edition in 2016), Yuno Mitsui (44th edition in 2020)
    Gold Prize, Grade Jr.GMisora Ozaki (34th edition in 2010), Moka Takubo (40th edition in 2016)
    Gold Prize, Grade FFuyuko Nakamura (31st edition in 2007)
    Silver Prize, Grade FKensei Iwafune (47th edition in 2023)
    Gold Prize, Concerto Category, Grade Concerto BYasuko Furumi (40th edition in 2016)

  • European International Piano Concours in Japan
    Gold Prize, Junior High School Category & Special Jury Prize] Mone Zaima (9th edition in 2018)
    Gold Prize, Junior Grade II CategoryYui Nakamura (2nd edition in 2011)

  • ASEAN International Concerto Competition (Indonesia)
    1st PrizeDaiki Kato (5th edition in 2012)

  • International Competition for Young Pianists“Astana Piano Passion”  (Kazakhstan)
    1st Prize, Junior CategoryYukine Kuroki (1st edition in 2013)
    3rd Prize, Senior CategoryYui Nakamura (1st edition in 2013)

  • Osaka International Music Competition
    Espoir Prize, Piano Section, Age-E3Ayano Yoneda (22nd edition in 2021)

  • Yasuko Fukuda Scholarship Audition
    Yasuko Fukuda Prize (1st Prize)Yasuko Furumi, Yukine Kuroki (7th edition in 2015)

  • Kanagawa Music Competition
    Grand Prize, Youth Piano Section, Upper Grades of elementary school CategoryAyano Yoneda (38th edition in 2022)
    Grand Prize, Youth Piano Section, C CategoryMoka Takubo (29th edition in 2013)
    Grand Prize, Youth Piano Section, High School CategoryYasuko Furumi (31st edition in 2015)
    Outstanding Performance Award, Youth Piano Section, High School CategoryMoka Takubo (35th edition in 2019)

  • JPTA Piano Audition
    Winner, Category DHikari Matsushita (38th edition in 2022)
    Grand Prize, Category D & Kazuko Hagiwara AwardYui Nakamura (32nd edition in 2016)

  • Nagoya Youth Piano Competition
    2nd Prize, University Category, 2nd Prize Overall & Mayor of Nagoya AwardYuno Mitsui (8th edition in 2022)

  • Aoniyoshi Music Competition in Nara
    1st Prize, Professional Stage Category, Piano Section & Mayor of Nara AwardKana Yoshihara (7th edition in 2019)

  • Takarazuka Vega Student Piano Competition
    1st Prize, Junior High School CategoryKana Yoshihara (14th edition in 2015)

  • Gunma International Music Competition
    3rd Prize, Category D]Kensei Iwafune (1st edition in 2023)
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